Fare and Timetable Changes

The Interurban Trolley completed a public comment period and approved fare changes for the Interurban Trolley fixed-route service. These changes involve the discontinuation of transfers, mitigated by the reduction in the price of a Day Pass to $2.00, and the retirement of trolley tokens. Minor schedule changes will also go into effect on January 2, 2019


The Interurban Trolley Base fare of $1 per ride will remain the same.


The dates these changes take effect are as follows:

December 17, 2018:

The price of a Day Pass will be reduced to $2.00

January 2, 2019:

Free Transfers will be discontinued

Trolley tokens no longer be sold but still accepted for one ride (transfer no longer included)

  • New One Ride Trolley Pass (costing $1)
  • New One Ride Access Punch Card (costing $2) introduced

New schedules introduced on the Red, Orange and Blue Lines with changes.

  • Trolley departure times at the Downtown Elkhart Transfer Center will not change
  • Some intermediate stops will have modified pick up times to improve schedule reliability.


New Schedules: Red Line | Orange Line | Blue Line

March 30, 2019:

Last Day to Use Tokens

  • Tokens will no longer be accepted for fare payment aboard Interurban Trolleys or on Access vehicles
  • Anyone with extra tokens they can't use by this date should contact MACOG for further details on exchanging unused token inventories for One Ride Passes, Punch Cards or Day Passes


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