Plan a Trip

Using Google Transit

The Interurban Trolley's online trip planner is powered by Google Maps.  The trip planner gives you a step-by-step guide to reach your destination and shows your trip on a familiar Google Map.  Simply type in where you are starting from and going to, by either the address or business name, and when you will want to leave or arrive.  Then Google Maps will show you:

Which bus to catch

When and where to board

When and where to transfer, if necessary

How long your trip will take

Walking directions to and from your stop(s)

Alternate trips, if available

Trip map


Trip planner itineraries estimates based on average speed and distance between major stops.  Please plan to be at the boarding location five minutes before the Trolley will arrive.  Service may be affected by traffic, construction, accidents or weather conditions.

Start Location (e.g. Transfer Center)

End Location (e.g. Concord Mall)



Plan by:


Powered by Link to Google Transit Trip Planner

Using the Schedule

Follow the step-by-step guide to plan your trip using the schedule.

The Interurban Trolley schedule is based on estimated arrival times at key locations along the route. At the top of the schedule are the time-point locations along the route.  This will give you a general idea of the arrival time of the Trolley at locations along the way.  Make sure you are at the stop 5 to 10 minutes early if possible.

A. Destination

B. Boarding

C. Arrival Time

Locate the timepoint nearest to your destination and, in the column below it, find the time closest to when you would like to arrive.

Then locate the timepoint nearest to where you will be boarding the Trolley.

By matching up the corresponding time in your boarding column to the one in your destination column, you can estimate when to expect the Trolley at your boarding location.

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