MACOG operating the Interurban Trolley serving Cities of Elkhart and Goshen, and Transpo serving the cities of Mishawaka and South Bend, are seeking public comments on the proposed Yellow Line Connector route.


The proposed route will be jointly operated by Transpo and the Interurban Trolley and will run between downtown Elkhart and downtown Mishawaka. It combines Transpo Route 9 east of the Mishawaka Transfer Center with the current Interurban Trolley Yellow Line Bittersweet route.


For full service plan details please see the Draft Implementation Plan.

Current Service

Currently, the existing Transpo Route 9 and Yellow Line connect every 60 minutes Monday through Saturday on Lincolnway East at Twin Branch Park in Mishawaka. The current connection point has no rider amenities and requires the buses to wait in a travel lane.

Proposed Service

The proposed route will combine Tranpso Route 9 east of the Mishawaka Transfer Center with the Interurban Trolley Yellow Line. This route will operate every 30 minutes Monday through Friday, and every 60 minutes on Saturdays. Please see the Draft Service Schedule for full details.

Increased Regional Connectivity

The proposed route increases regional connectivity by improving the frequency of trips between downtown Elkhart and downtown Mishawaka. Currently, the Yellow Line Bittersweet is available every hour, which limits the number of connections possible within 15 minutes at the transfer centers. The proposed route will be available every 30 minutes during weekdays. By increasing the frequency, riders will be able to connect with nearly all public transit routes within 15 minutes at the transfer centers.

Proposed Fares for the new Yellow Line Connector

  • The proposed Yellow Line Connector will charge the same $1.00 fare per one-way trip, as existing Transpo and Interurban Trolley routes. Eligible riders (with a Transpo Reduce Fare Card, Interurban Trolley Handi-Card, or Medicare Card) will be charged $0.50 for a one-way trip at all times.
  • Buses on the Connector Route, regardless if the trip is operated by a Transpo bus or an Interurban Trolley, will accept both Tranpso and Interurban Trolley 1-Day, 14-Day, and 31-Day Passes.
  • Both Interurban Trolley and Transpo Day Passes will be sold for $3.00 on board the new Yellow Line Connector.
  • The new Yellow Line Connector will not accept nor issue Interurban Trolley transfers. Interurban Trolley transfers will be still accepted and issued on other Interurban Trolley routes.


Please see the Service and Fares FAQ Sheet for full details.

Interurban Trolley Proposed Fare Changes

In order to align the Interurban Trolley's fare policies with Transpo,  the following changes are proposed on all Interurban Trolley routes.


  • Seniors 65 and older and persons with a disability and a valid Handi-Card or Medicare Card, will be able to ride for a reduced fare of $0.50 at all times on all Interurban Trolley routes. In the current policy, the reduced fare is only available during non-peak hours.
  • Children 4 and under will ride free, this is a change from 5 and under in the current policy


Please see the Proposed Interurban Trolley Fare Policy for full details.


Public Comments

The 30 day Public Comment period for these proposed service changes began on May 30, 2018 and will conclude on June 28, 2018.

To provide comments:

  • Use the form below
  • By Mail to: MACOG, 227 West Jefferson Blvd, 1120 County-City Building, South Bend, IN 46601
  • Fax to: 574-239-4072
  • Attend a Public Open House

Public Open Houses


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

4:00pm to 7:00pm


Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library - Downtown Branch

209 Lincolnway East

Mishawaka, IN  46544


Transit Directions

Transpo Route 9 stops right outside the Library. Transpo Route 1, 15A and 15B Stop 2 blocks away from the Library.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

4:00pm to 7:00pm


Elkhart Public Library - Downtown Branch

300 South Second Street

Elkhart, IN 46516


The Interurban Trolley Transfer Center, on Franklin Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, is located one-block south of the Library.

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South Bend Public Transportation


1401 South Lafayette Blvd

South Bend, IN 46613

(574) 232-9901




Interurban Trolley

Michiana Area Council of Governments

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1120 County-City Building

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